Gently disruptive

We power real estate projects

Our projects

ARTONE is a real estate boutique that specializes in project development.

We manage residential, office, retail and mixed projects from Day 1 until completion, either on our own or in partnership with private individuals or other companies.
ARTONE professionals are driven by a learning culture that fosters curiosity, innovation and groundbreaking strategy.

Companies like the French-regulated fund BrownfieldsLes Entreprises Louis De Waele, Belfius Bank, Fédérale Insurance or Médecins du Monde are among those that trust ARTONE.

Our mindset


We craft. Proudly. Every single day.

Our clients have individual goals and ambitions. They expect customized value propositions perfectly fitting their needs. ARTONE is committed to shape meaningful strategies to any situations.

We see ourselves as craftsmen. The craftsmanship is the perfect equilibrium between knowledge and curiosity, genuine precision and scalability, confidentiality and collaborative work, innovation and experience.

Craftsmen are enthusiastic in their ambitions and rigorous in their processes.

Customers are #1

We surprise people because we know that they love it !

In a society driven by innovation, personalization and service, the one-size-fits-all approach to real estate belongs firmly in the past.

  • We believe in progress rather than blind obedience to rules that force real estate into a straitjacket.
  • We adopt and implement new technologies in every project.
  • We adapt the products to the profiles of our potential customers.

Together to the top !

Any business starts with an in-depth “risk-reward” assessment and a bold strategic decision.

Success hinges on professionals with diverse experience and knowledge.

… but even if the feasibility study shows profits and skills have been brought together, there is no success story without transparency and trust.

Our clients trust us and often become our partners.


Get it done !

Real Estate projects are changeable.

They need attention and a sharp eye to keep all aspects under control.

Nevertheless, a deep insight is not all that it required.

The ARTONE team members are seasoned professionals capable of absorbing workload variations and various sizes of projects and missions.

We prefer to look upon every evolution as an opportunity... and try to take advantage of it!


Right alchemy

We have come a long way and something we have learned on our journey is the value of working with reliable partners. We have built a broad network of experts and professional friends, within and outside the real estate market.

We can rely on these people and they give us feedback. They help us to quickly come up with the right answers to all project-related questions.

ARTONE brings together this array of skills and has a collaborative culture to make it happen.

This ecosystem is one of our most valuable assets.

We play local

From Belgium with love

Over the past ten years the ARTONE team members have developed real estate projects mainly in Belgium and Luxembourg. We know these places perfectly, where to shop, where to drink or dine, where to live.

ARTONE is a curious animal, exploring what is happening elsewhere…with the sole purpose of using any worthwhile discovery in its local playing fields.

Belgium and Luxembourg are our markets and we love them.



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